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We provide a consulting service in key areas of enterprises activities, particularly in the areas of Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work, Support in the Quality Certification and in Audits of Human Resources.


A service that aims to collaborate with companies in compliance with legal requirements in terms of health and safety.

The Safety conditions, Hygiene and Health at Work are the material foundation of any professional risk prevention program and contribute, in business, to increasing competitiveness with reduced accidents.

This Service includes:

  • The hazard identification and risk assessment
  • The preparation of internal emergency plans
  • The evaluation of legal compliance
  • The implementation of Hygiene Management Systems and Safety
  • Internal audits of health and safety
  • Specialized training in this area

We collaborate with companies in their certification willed by the Quality standard.

Quality is a basic requirement for the operation and success of any organization. The certification demonstrates the competence and the ability of a company to provide products and services to established quality features, applying to all sectors of economic activity, from industry to services across all its aspects, technical and human.

The implementation of a Quality Management System presents a wide range of benefits for businesses, ranging from the continuous improvement of value chain processes, through the company’s image, satisfaction and trust between the company and the market, motivation and involvement of employees, as well as the competitive position and increasing productivity.


Human Resources Audits are a set of procedures based on tools and instruments which aim for the diagnosis of the company’s situation in one or more of the processes within the Human Resources Management.

Audit services comprise an area of complementary diagnosis consulting, framing and suggesting ways to improve processes.

It develops itself as a situational analysis tool company that can be used independently or as part of a larger restructuring project of the company HR services.


Social Projects we support.

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