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Qualified professionals with outstanding performance.

Overseas recruitment
  • Intelac provides support for recruitment and selection for customers on overseas markets.
    We search our database of Portuguese workers who wish to work abroad and we present to the customer those profiles which fit in with the request.
    We allow the customer to gain direct contact with applicants by means of a video interview to be carried out at our premises.
    As far as the choice of the most appropriate worker is concerned, those selection tests will be applied which prove necessary or are agreed with the customer.
Employment search / Enrolment
  • Intelac in Portugal supports the international mobility of workers by setting up partnerships with companies abroad that wish to commit to the high degree of professionalism and competence of national human resources.
    We promote the enrolment of applicants on a database whose profiles show they are willing and motivated for the international market.
Advice / Practical information
  • Intelac supports the challenge of relocating Portuguese workers, allowing them to achieve personal and professional development and contact with working realities in an international environment. Once a company has decided to recruit abroad, the worker will be provided with support information about the hosting conditions in the destination country, his/her right and his/her duties, and the applicant will be informed of opportunities to allow the permanent development of his/her career.

We are currently recruiting roles in the area of Health, Engineering and Management, to some European countries.
We are sure that the future is to open horizons to the world.

Social Projects we support.

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