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We work in collaboration with companies putting at their disposal teams whose specialization in business processing will enable them to optimize time and resources, increasing their value.

Outsourcing IS AVAILABLE IN:


Service which includes the monthly payroll and compliance with all the associated reporting obligations, legal and fiscal order.


This service ensures the implementation of all procedures related to Administrative Human Resource Management. It includes maintaining administrative records, statistics and order communications and bequeath tax.


Performing administrative support tasks (issuing documents, file, data processing), service and relationship with the public and customers (telephone contact/ e-mail/ receiving, routing and handling information/ requests/ arrangements/ complaints).


Allocations of specialized people (Medical Representatives, Medical Staff, Vendors, IT Specialists,…)

Social Projects we support.

Intelac Recursos Humanos

Escritório Oeiras

Telefone: 214 115 052

Escritório Maia

Telefone: 221 141 112

Intelac Temporária

Escritório Oeiras

Telefone: 214 408 200

Escritório Maia

Telefone: 221 141 112

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